Hohe Gaisl

L’Alta Via del Pico di Vallandro, 2.282 m

7h 30 min
Start point:
Hotel Asterbel
Starting dall'Asterbel down the street, turning after about 300m to the left the path and then follow for ca. 500 m along the main road, take the small road 14 to the left (then trail), which leads into the forest until Sarlriedl pass (2099 m; 2 hours).
High way: it always remains on the path 3 (within the triangle, from Dobbiaco via Longarone); on the far east side you reach a first fork (Sarlköfele, 2163 m), then on the north side of a saddle (Flodigsattel, 2171m) and another fork (Kirchler Schartl, 2280m). It briefly goes down, you pass a short chimney (with fixed ropes) to go down and then climb the second fireplace (with fixed ropes). Crossed a rocky gorge, continue almost flat on scree and wooded stretches to the south, leading to other saddle in the woods, and in the grassy depression where we meet the path that climbs to the summit. On this (40) comes down to Plätzwiese (lawn Square, 1993 m, hotels, 3 hours on the high street).
Descent: by bus from Prato Square or walk (about 1.30 hours).
Braies Old baths - Bad Altprags
Braies Old baths - Bad Altprags
Difficulty negligible for good walkers with mountain practice; some thorny points have insurance ropes.