Hohe Gaisl

Until Lake Braies, 1494 m

2h 45 min
Start point:
Hotel Asterbel
Arrival point:
Lake Braies, 1494 m
By Asterbel is part westward along the road for about 300m up the tree to the leaves and the trail to the left that leads to the south. Follow the path that leads to the road and from there continue until the stop of the bus. From there you can see a path to the right through the meadows leading into the forest. Following this path will cross a bridge. You turn right on the road No.37 and follow this saw, there is the path n. 2B and follow this until you reach the road No. 1 and take this in to Lake Braies Valley.
Return via the same route or by bus.
Tip: A boat trip on Lake Braies!