Hohe Gaisl

Alta High Via Nord Malga Cavalli

Start point:
Arrival point:
north-eastern side of Croda Rossa, ca. 2340 m
Climb to Prato Piazza by bus (only in summer high season) or walk to the path n. 18, following the Rio Stolla (1 ½ h).
From Prato Piazza, turn right on path n. 3 that, through the meadows and stone pines toward SE, leads in a basin (sor-people), which must be crossed in a right semicircle. Now, on the slopes of Croda Rossa, very steep you go to O and left.
From there to the Croda Rossa slightly uphill, then in a blanket basin blocks it rises rapidly to the right (O) at the top. So the green moraine, and along the cliffs of Crodaccia you go to a big rump. Then, on the left, on the northern side of the massif of Croda; from there it goes sideways along a detrital ledge around the northern edge of the exposed Crocetta (equipped), then through the Gaislleite (wire ropes) you go into the next circus. On the green side moraine towards O, we continue down the cart track n. 4. Follow it, keeping to the left, towards the Alpe Cavallo, 2212 m. Also on the cart track, you go down in serpentines in the Rio Casera Valley (beautiful stone pine forest), to E ai Prati Casera, 1832 m. Along the Rio Rosslahn (Lavina Horse) descend through a large field of debris, finally you go into a forest and meadows on flat road to Prato Piazza at Ponticello, 1491 m.

For guests of 'Hotel Asterbel walk up Ponticello across the path 37 (or 2 minutes by car).

For guests of 'Hotel Hohe Gaisl directly from Prato Piazza to Malga Cavalli up jumper, then return with the bus or walking on trail 37 Bridge-Prato Piazza (ca.1 hour)