Hohe Gaisl

Round Tour of the Three Peaks

Start point:
Auronzo di Cadore (2320 m)
Arrival point:
Auronzo di Cadore (2320 m)
Hiking tour around the Tre Cime di Lavaredo
To hike around the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the most famous mountains in the Dolomites, is a must for every hiking enthusiast.
The Sesto Dolomites are a true paradise for every hiking and climbing enthusiast, offering both easy and more challenging tours with great views. To hike around the Tre Cime di Lavaredo Mountains, the emblem of the Dolomites, however, is an absolute must both for tourists and locals.
We drive through the Val di Landro until we reach Lake Misurina, where we park our car. With the bus we are reaching Rif. Auronzo (2,320 metres asl), the starting point of our hiking tour.
On the south side of the Tre Cime Mountains, we are following trail no. 101 towards Rif. Lavaredo (2,344 metres asl). From here, we take a narrow trail up to the Forcella di Lavaredo at 2,454 metres asl, where we enjoy a breathtaking view not only of the surrounding panorama but also of the 500 metres high north walls of the Tre Cime Mountains. We hike slightly downwards along the foot of Monte Paterno until we reach a fork, from where we follow the signposts towards the Rifugio A. Locatelli (2,438 metres asl).
Arrived at the Rifugio A. Locatelli after about 1.5 hours of hiking, we decide to climb the Torre di Toblin behind it. Unfortunatelly, we can not reach the peak since we have not brought our climbing equipment with us.
Continuing our hiking tour, we follow trail no. 105 to the Lange Alm mountain hut (Nr. 105). From here, we hike along the foot of the west side of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo Mountains until we reach our starting point, Rif. Auronzo. Finally, we take the bus back to our car.
Please note: This is a very beautiful hiking tour offering great views of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo Mountains. Until Monte Paterno the tour is very easy and also suitable for beginners. By the way: cycling is forbidden!
Suitable for families? Yes, but children should be used to hiking. With small children we recommend a baby rucksack.
More information: tourist board Sesto, tel.: +39 0474 710310