Dolomythos shows the Dolomites as a place for living and of culture through dioramas, reconstructions, three-dimensional models and films. Fossils and minerals evidence that the Dolomites are a rich archive for geological processes: volcanoes, desert landscapes, coral reefs and deep sea basins in the various geological eras as well as the development of animal and plant-life are depicted here. For the little ones there is a large area offering a treasure hunt.

The collection of nativity sets in Val Pusteria consists of four panoramic nativities with classic oriental figures and several Tyrolean nativities. Nativities lover Anton Stabinger, inn-keeper and baker from Sesto, started building oriental nativity scenes in South Tyrol following a pilgrimage in 1906.

He returned from Palestine with drawings of holy places and reconstructed them faithfully. The splendid figures are from contemporary wood carvers in South Tyrol (Seisl, Gwercher, Speckbacher, Spiegl, Tschutschenthaler).
His grandson and namesake spent many years with the careful restoration of the nativity scenes and eventually exhibited them.