Hohe Gaisl

Giavo Grande

Long and demanding hike with snowshoes on Giavo Grande.

Giavo Grande - Itinerary

From the parking lot of Ponticello we begin to walk entering broad valley side to the right (signpost No. 4). We walk on the flat for about 1 km downstream versed in the forest, we crossed the bed of the stream (usually dry) and climb to an initial steep section. The road meanders westward leading, at first rather flat, then going up in several coils, the Hills Horse (Rossalm). We pass over the hut and continue the path along the valley to the northwest, bringing us to the flat saddle (Campo Latino) left the Giavo Small. From here we can already see clearly the Giavo Grande. We continue driving on flat pastures and open fields to the northwest, bringing us at the foot of the summit. The last 120 vertical meters that separate us from the summit are again a bit 'steep and pass better making a wide turn to the left. From the top of the mountain we can admire a magnificent 360 ° and in particular the Lake Braies lying far below our feet.
Descent: the same route.
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