Hohe Gaisl

"Path of Maite sources"

60 min
Start point:
Hotel Asterbel
The "Path of Maite sources" leads to the discovery of the area of the Fanes-Senes-Braies.
The trail is easily explored on foot and not too long (about 1 hour).
By Asterbel is part westward along the road for about 300m up the path to the left that leads to the south. Follow the path that leads to the road and from there continue until the stop of the bus. From there you can see a path to the right through the meadows leading into the forest. Following this path will cross a bridge. There you turn left and after a few meters you see the sign and a small path to the left. This trail of sources, continue until you come back to the gravel path. You could go up to the bridge. Or back on the path of the source or on the gravel path to the bridge.
Several information boards along the nature trail provide information on the protection and use of the sources, the water cycle and on protected areas, flora and fauna of the area.
To make accessible the path and especially interesting for families with children, its length was deliberately kept quite small.