Hohe Gaisl

Lake of Dobbiaco, 1.242 m

Start point:
Braies Vecchia (1.380 m)
Arrival point:
Dobbiaco Lake (1,242 m)
Hike through the Sarlwiesen with beautiful views of the Dolomites of Braies and Dobbiaco. From Hotel Asterbel downhill and after about 300 meters to the big tree on the left, turn left on the gravel path. Follow the road about 300 meters. Then turn west on trail No. 14, then always follow this narrow road through the meadows of Kameriot and then in the forest, which becomes more and more steeply through the forest to the south-east to Sarlriedl (2099 m; 2 hours). about the route 14 along the valley and then north to Lake Dobbiaco.

Back from Lake of Dobbiaco 1,242 m to Hotel Asterbel
Option 1: The return through the path
Option 2: Walking at Dobbiaco and then by bus to Braies
Option 3: Toblacher - Suesriedl - Malga Putz - Hotel Asterbel
Vertical drop: 750 m
Difficulty: hard
Journey time: about 4 hours.
Description Option 3:
Along Rte. 14 to the north, beyond the Toblacher about 30 minutes until the sawmill. Turn left, then along the Nr.16A path to the junction with the path n. 16 then left south for Suis Riedl (2h) path n. 16 follow up to the Malga Putz (n. 15). Along the path 15 to the left through a ditch to the south-west on a forest road. Then on the road directly on the north of Kameriotwiesen and westbound is down the Hotel Asterbel.