Facial and head massage
ca. 30 min | € 34.00
It's perfect for the regeneration and harmonization of the whole organism, in particular in case of tension in the area of the head and neck and toning the facial muscles. It promotes sleep and strengthens the immune system.
This treatment you can do at any time of pregnancy.
Back massage in sitting position
ca. 30 min | € 34,00
Soothing strokes and kneading movements provide relaxing relief!
Aesthetic full body massage 
ca. 50 min | € 54,00 
Relaxing, slimming, toning, and draining massage which can soothe the pain of joint inflammations. This beautifying treatment with rich substances is a real blessing for your body and mind. 
› In order to obtain the best results, it is advisable to prepare the skin with a whole-body peeling. The exfoliation guarantees an even better absorption of the substances with the result of a fabulously soft skin. (total ca. 80 min, € 84,00)